World MasterCard Fashion Week for Spring 2015 Styles & Trends

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I have to admit I’m not always up on the latest trends and styles in fashion but I’ve been keeping my eye out on the World MasterCard Fashion Week that’s happening in Toronto October 20th through the 25th. I never was the most fashionable, but I’d always watch others to see what I could do to better my own fashion sense and I think these fashion events can give us all ideas of what to get for our wardrobes.

I’ve learned a few things over the years, some of it from checking out such fashion events.

#1. Scarves are totally in.
I don’t know if you’ve looked around you lately, but scarves are hot in the fashion world this fall. Chevron scarves are my personal favorite.

#2. Boots are also totally in.
Boots are one hot accessory this fall as well. I’m glad fashionable boots are in style because I enjoy not getting my shoes wet as it snows.

#3. Fall colors are a must.
One of the best things about fashion in the fall is the colors we get to wear. I truly love wearing oranges, browns, and reds during this season of autumn. It will be exciting to see what colors will be the must-haves for Spring!

#4. Keep the makeup light.
I’ve noticed that more ladies, both young and old, are keeping the makeup light. That’s okay by me!

Speaking of learning about fashion, I’ve learned so much over the years and now I wish I could the attend World MasterCard Fashion Week for the Spring 2015 collections! There are hundreds of designers that meet over this week in Toronto and it’s a very exciting time. It’s a crucial time for designers and fashion lovers alike. This year’s World MasterCard Fashion Week is happening October 20th through the 25th.

There will be several Canadian designers favorites attending and showcasing their spring collections such as Bustle, SOIA & KYO, Matthew Gallagher, Rudsak and Pink Tartan are all set to have showings! To add to the exciement, there will also be some new designers in the mix such as Hayley Elsaesser, Rani Kim, Som Kong, Huntress, Rudybois and Elan & Castor.

The event will culminate in a special Fashion Saturday event October 25 presented by BMO. The event will offer an inside look at Canada’s leading fashion week! The event will have three sessions. Session one will be hosted by actor and host Lauren Collins, with sessions two and three hosted by Cityline host Tracy Moore. The Fashion Saturday event will allow guests to enjoy a special Spring/Summer 2015 highlights fashion show. It will feature top Canadian designers, style expert Afiya Francisco, Maybelline’s Grace Lee and Redken’s Cindy Duplantis!

It would be fabulous fun to attend this event, as we would be able to experience the fashion environment first hand! We would also be able to shop the designer pop-up market, participate in hair and makeup, sample VIP-style food and drinks and more! It sounds like an ultimate Cinderella experience!

One of my dreams would be to meet the designers behind the new 2015 fashions. It’s mind blowing to discover how they always come up with new ideas year after year. I may just have to see if I can get tickets to attend this year, if not it’s definitely going to be on my bucket list! For more information, including details on each designer that will be on the line-up, and ticket information visit World MasterCard Fashion Week.


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