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To all my Usher fans that did not get tickets to its international tour going on, go get it right now!!!! As I just was attending his concert last night in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre, I can tell you just one thing it was worth every penny. As you can imagine Usher is one of the best entertainer in the industry. Going to its concert was one of the best time I ever had in a long time. I like to compare the artist to be the male version of Beyoncé. Not only he can sing but his dancing is just out of this world.

The show started around 7pm and as I went to the concert to some friends, we made sure to not miss any part of it. So we arrived quiet early but there already a lot of people waiting. And as we were waiting for the first part of the concert to start, there was a DJ that was entertaining us with some Hip Hop and RnB mix that put us already in the mood. The DJ was DJ Cassidy and he was very good. Everyone was dancing and jamming on his mixing. He was so enthusiastic and giving good vibes, the crowd was feeling it.


August Alsina for the first part

As an Usher fan you are for sure into the nice and slow RnB music and you must have had heard of August Alsina, an upcoming RnB artist who covered the first part of the concert. I personally knew him before going to the concert and I was really excited about seeing perform but to tell you the truth I was not entirely satisfied about his performance. He has one song that I am obsessed with and is on repeat on my iPod, it is called No Love in featuring with Nicki Minaj. So because of that song I tried to look into more about the artist songs and music and he reminded me a bit of Trey Songz, another great RnB artist that do not introduce you anymore.

August is new in the industry and that is why I will put his not so good performance last night to his lack of experience and I am pretty sure that in a few years going to one of his concert he is going to have more stage presence. So he did perform for about 45 minutes and showed much love to Canadian and girls from Toronto, the only thing is the crowd did not give back as much love as it should have but at this point everyone was eager to see Usher.


Usher flawless performance


Then came THE MAN. Usher is THE man, I love Usher, always did but after seeing him perform for the first time live, I am beyond loving this artist. He was everything that night, from the performance to its classic songs, to his dancing moves, his outfits and exchange with the crowd, everything was just perfect. He performed all the songs we, Usher’s fans, expected him to perform. And of course best part of the show, the one that all the ladies were expecting is taking on stage a fan, in that case, six, yes six fans had the privilege to go on stage with him! No need to tell you that I almost passed out and was dying of jealousy when that happened. To ended up on a good note, he performed his hit record ‘without you’ with a lot of emotion, dedicating this song to all his fans.

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