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No need to introduce Taylor Swift, she is one of the most influential singer on the industry and we all know her songs. Whether you love or hate her, she does not leave you indifferent and we all know at least one of her song by heart. Before moving on to her new album, I just want to come back on my favourite song of her previous album, I knew you were trouble, just because I am obsessed with this song! Her album RED is still very much in our memories and we are still jamming on some of the songs that she is already bringing a new album on the market. And with no surprise she is already having a number one hit on the Billboard. As follow is the video of the song, I knew you were trouble:

This song is easily one of my favourite song of all time and the video is everything, especially when you have a super hot actor model as Taylor Swift love interest! Girls don’t we all have that one guy, we knew he was trouble but could not help being attracted to him? Yes we all have that one guy and that song is talking to every girl that would explain why it was so popular! For the record, rumours had it that she was talking about a bad break she had with another celebrities she was dating, if only we could guess who…She is know to have dealt with a lot of them!

Ok, so now back to her new album but since it just debuted October 27th, I would like to mostly talk about her hit song, Shake it off, that is currently number 1. And as always Taylor Swift was able to bring us something new with a funny video clip. I can’t help though mentioning the all twerk dance that Miley Cyrus did trend last year as I watch the video, I almost see a spoof to her unforgetable performance at the VMA’s. I let you be the judge;

I also really like the simplicity in her album cover.

TS album cover

Taylor Swift is such the american girl next door, she has grown in such a beautiful woman and as we see she is bringing a new mature look along her new album. And there is only one place you do want to get her new album, Target.

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