Prime Rib Melt makes its debut at Subway Restaurants

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If you are a Subway lover as much as I am, you will be thrilled to try on their new sandwich that just made its debut in their restaurant, the prime rib melt sandwich. And for having tried it, I can tell you the sandwich tastes as good as its name sounds! It is so rare to find some sandwiches with some real meat, when I saw this I could not resist to try it. And believe me I was not disappointed. The sandwich is made with only Canadian beef which I know is important for some consumers, to know where they meet come from, so yes it is local meat! Go check out Canadian Beef website for more information.

About Canada Beef

It is the cattle producer-funded and run organization responsible for domestic and international beef and veal market development.  It has offices mainly in Canada, but also over the world.  Canada Beef  works to foster loyalty to the Canadian beef brand and build strong relationships with trade customers and partners.  These efforts increase demand for Canadian beef and the value producers receive for their cattle. The company inspire trust by the simple fact that we know where the meat we are eating is coming from.

Do not hesitate to check them on the net for more information.

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About Subway

Maybe the most famous and world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise, it is part of our daily lives and it for sure does attract people from any demographic. When I went to get my Rib melt sandwich, I could not help notice the diversity in the line-up. Everyone loves Subway, and it used to be known for its sandwiches by now they even offer some salads which is really good when you want to take a break from the sandwiches.

How you like to eat it is at your discretion, either with all your favourite veggies or only with cheese (toasted of course), all I can tell you is the sandwich tastes delicious! It is officially my new favourite Subway sandwich.

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Do not hesitate to check them on the net for more information.

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