My New Stylish Mossimo Boots

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I am a boot junkie! If there is a great pair of boots up for grabs they most likely already have my name on them. I feel you can never have enough boots in your wardrobe. There is a boot for every occasion and most times of the year. My closet has a wide range from ankle boots to thigh highs to everything in between. But yet I still find myself looking for the next best pair, and the other day I located them!

On my weekly Target trip while wander the isles; as I often find myself doing. I came across this lovely pair of Mossimo boots. I fell in love and couldn’t resist making a purchase. The style is called Katressa and they only cost me $59 ! I’d call that a deal.



They are sleek and stylish boots. They are black with gold accents. They zip up the sides and have a small buckle details around the ankle. They go great with a pair of leggings or jeans but can also be dressed up with a skirt or dress for an evening on the town.



They were extremely comfortable while out and about running errands and walking in the city. If boots aren’t comfortable they don’t last in my wardrobe long, thankfully this pair makes the cut.


The best part by far about these boots is they stood up to the weather. The weather was nasty and rainy the other day, but these boots passed the test. Not to mention it was fairly chilly out and I didn’t return with cold or wet feet! Winning success!



To find out more about Target Canada and Mossimo’s boot selection you can check them out on these links:

Target Canada Website:

Target Canada Twiter:

Target Canada Facebook:

Target Canada Instagram:

Mossimo Website:


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