Monopoly is back @ McDonalds


As a McDonalds lover I could not resist to write and share with you my favourite annual promo they have, I am talking about the famous Monopoly game. This just gets me so exited. The thought of being able to win free food instantly is the best part. They’ve made it so easy for you to participate,  just take off the stamps from your fries, drink and sandwich box. This means you have six chances to win! Let’s say you win a small fries and you do not feel like eating now, you just keep the stamp for later. McDonalds will accept your stamp at any time, as long as the promotion is still going and you can claim your food. It’s that simple!

This game is not only about winning food, even though it is my favourite part. There are all sorts of prizes , electronics  and McDonalds coffee cup are just a few of items you can win. Each restaurant has a board to keep track of all the people who have won at that location. If you win they will update the board on the spot. Rules are simple and there are big prizes to play for, including some large cash prizes. The chances of winning cash are a lot slimmer obviously, but then again not impossible. As a loyal McDonalds customer I have nothing to lose and will be giving it a shot.


I always have a good time going to McDonalds this particular time of the year, whether it’s to eat by myself or grab a coffee with my friends. I make sure that I double check all the containers for the stamps before I throw them out . I like playing Monopoly the board game but playing  Monopoly with McDonalds is even more fun. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it, I suggest you go as soon as you can and share your experience with me. Who knows maybe you will find yourself exchanging stamps soon!

Click here for more information on the promo.


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