Buffer Industry Day

Yesterday I was one of the lucky people who attended the very first event on its kind, the Buffer Industry Day which took place at the fantastic venue, Hyatt Regency in King street West, down town Toronto.

We all are aware about the growing activity of YouTube and its impact in our daily lives, so having the chance to participate in conference where the key players in the industry were there to discuss, exchange and give tips on the use of YouTube in business was probably one the best experience ever.


The event was an all day event , started from 8 am to 6 pm with a flawless organization.  Most of the attendees were social media mogul  or very successful YouTube.

For those who was not there, to give an idea of the event, it was mostly underlining all the opportunities going with the YouTube platform which is going to be taken in another level. It was very interesting to be able to see what is going to expect next with the this particular tool of social media and all the opportunities it was providing. One of the best breaking news of the event was the announcement of a festival just for YouTube videos that would be the equivalent of the TIFF festival. Useless to point out how huge this is.

Through out the all day we were able to listen to some wise advices coming from the most successful Canadian YouTube celebrities like Corey Vidal, Dave Brown, Mitchell Moffit or Tay Zonday just to cite a few of them.

I could not underline enough how big is YouTube and will become, but also how it is turning into a very profitable business. When making videos we have though to not keep the business aspect of it, and that is the secret in being successful in the industry is to have fun and by giving out there something positive that we do with love is everything. I could be writing all day about all I have learned at this and how fun it was to interact with professional or amateur in the industries but I will end up with some pictures I took during the day to give an idea.

The program of the day:



As the star and main actor of the day YouTube had its own chair of course:


Trying to take as many notes as possible on all interesting facts I was given:


image (2)

Some of the delicious and yet healthy treat of the day:


image[2] (2) image[3] (2)  image[4]


The day eneded up with a little cocktail party where I got all vamped up:



It was overall a good day:

image[1] (2)


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